misfortune + casual sobs

you used to tell me your 11:11 wishes at night and I would do the same because you’re not the only one who does that, yet, I would because I want it to be true for your sake

you used to show me stuff either hilarious yet irritating and the rest of the words were described and I would felt the same thing

I used to give you a visit and talk and talk until dinner was ready until it was late 6 and I still don’t want to go home yet. I felt so safe with you. I wish time could slow down

you used to leave me message of how your day went and say more of an exaggerated words to describe

you used to tell me how you miss things, miss him and write something and show it to me

you used to say you miss me whenever it felt like its been a long we haven’t talked

we used to meet at least every once a month

and now?

it’s all just like what we are used to be

before everything else exist now

s t r a n g e r s

— 7 November 15, Saturday


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