Moment of Truth

NOTICE: whoever reads this, no matter what, this is for you.


You don’t have to impress when you’re around me. Just be yourself. Embrace the raw moments, they’re real.

I know it’s depressing. You are your own shoulder to bear the pleas and confessions and mistakes. I want to let you know; there’s a difference between happiness and belonged. It doesn’t have to be with another soul this time. It could be your pet. Pets can occupy you most of the time—depend and waste time with each other. I guarantee there will be no heartbreak occurring.

I took away the photos that instantly remind you of heartbreak but I could never throw them away because I know how such a memory hoarder you are.

You lost pieces of yourself from small and cheap adventures but they meant too much of you. Keep in mind that the person who broke you, cannot heal you. Let me heal you. I know you seek far away landscapes but try to go to a library once in a while. You don’t have to finish a chapter every time you visit one. Just roam around the aisles and read the synopsis. Or at a rooftop with a beautiful view. Or at a small museum. What’s better than to finally embrace a comfortable serenity.

The sound of the wind passing by your ears. The smell of newly watered grass. How about sunsets? It may sound mainstream but it will show you that not every ending has to be tragic.

Listen to instrumental songs. Try to inhale through your nostrils. Exhale the pain out from your mouth. Drink lots of water. It’s actually refreshing.

Did you know that when you wake up before your alarm rings, you will feel that mini bliss of refreshment? Strange isn’t it? While you’re at it, take a walk along with the sunrise. Feeling more better than that mini bliss? Jog a lap or two. I want you to feel like that even at least per week when you’re too occupied with stress.

You don’t always have to express your pain through shouting and breaking things. Trust me, it gets worse when you do. Instead, take a shower. Not a bath. Wash out the demons. Let them go down the drain.

It’s time. It’s never too late to go on a journey with me.

It has always been that one person you’re relying to and there can be times that that person isn’t there. But I’m here. I got you.

“No one had ever told her this basic fact: not everyone got to be loved.”
— Lauren Oliver, Panic



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