a different kind of

The usually “if you ever remember to drive safely,” the “I almost knocked on your door and thought you’re not my home anymore,” or “I hope you’re happy in the arms of another while I’m still sobbing against my pillow.”

They say sadness doesn’t comes with appointments. It is not some auction. It is like a raffle draw, called life. You don’t pick a prize, a prize picks you. You can’t withdraw anytime you want.

So what about during daylight? Do you have any idea how that can be conveyed? A CONCEPT:

  1. Wanting the day to end already when you just got up from bed, fantasizing to stay in a four corner room of comforting silence all day rather than anywhere else.
  2. Anything can feel like a precipice as long as you’re near from a lane. My type of precipice is in the train station. Sometimes the odds that I’m in front of the line. It is scary. The train slows down to stop but your hair will fly of how still rapid it is. Your foot has a mind of its own. All it had to do was jump towards it. But a little voice says no.
  3. All you wanted is to curl like a ball in the corner of the room. But people are watching. You don’t want them to approach you and ask what’s wrong.
  4. You just don’t care anymore when you’re late to class, work, or to any appointment.
  5. It is barely called a day but the gravity is stronger when you walk and you can feel yourself trip any moment.
  6. Even in a beautiful day cannot control the gravity—weighing your entire body down with too much to think about. This isn’t productive tired, it’s “I don’t want to deal with it anymore” kind of tired.
  7. Long walks used to be therapeutic. But it actually makes you feel tired and lonely.

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