right side up to frown

Seeing her for the first time around. Always caught on her morose expression; I had a zero impression. I can’t blame her. Moving to unwanted places when you’re already comfortable at one setting. Or it was just her way of avoiding at anything.

But not too long from that day, her lips curve. Revealing her pearl white teeth, her eyes became small in size. I was taken aback by her smile. It is not because it was the first time, but it was like her face lit up with so many beams.

We lived in the same building for almost our entire junior high school life. It doesn’t mean she’s only a few steps away from my door to hers, we take each other’s time often. Our friendship didn’t work that way. I wish it did. [A PERSONAL MUSING FROM 5 SUMMERS BACK]

The one I always wanted never comes easy. Another, “so near yet so far” moment. An overused quotation but true. But I have to let this one go. Another soul needs it better than I do. The fact I have no one but myself. I’m here for me, still broken, healing.

— see how a moment become a memory


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