I’m not accounted to the population of wondering if his lips are tender & sweet as marshmallow when in truth all I could think about is how blue his eyes were. like, really, how? are they blue like on a sunny day? a little bit dark at dusk? or like the ocean? I mean, who am I to kid? they’re the same because the water reflects from the sky—but what if I’ve gone deep through my thoughts I’d drown, stuck in his sea. will I think about his lips then? if I got caught staring at his face I wouldn’t know I did. maybe until he stares back at me for me to realize I am. time passes by & we ended up staring at each other & it would go minutes until half the hour & I would still ask for a couple minutes more just to mesmerize of what’s across the table in almost any table just across from him. I don’t really know. I had zero chances. — even then, even now | via Daily Prompt


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