[intentionally untitled]

There will be days that you will feel more on surviving than living. Sorry to say but I am not one of those posts where it’ll encourage you to actually live when I, myself, currently stuck on that phase. I don’t want to spread pessimism as I usually am, but, you’re with me. We’ll get […]


right side up to frown

Have you ever felt that sting whenever you passed by a place and thought of someone in a swift? More than the figure of fingers I have, including my toes. I can’t remember in detail but I do remember the impact of the same appetency. The same enthusiasm I had, then, followed by an unfortunate aftermath. I endlessly believe […]

i feel sorry for myself, too: a confession

Out of thousands of word in English language, farce would be the perfect word that best represents my life. Me, perhaps. Ha. I tend to overreact and make (I was telling a truth that end up being) harsh jokes unwittingly (and half meant them) because I was trying to run away from sadness. But it’s a […]


Edison’s Light: a message

You know the pain is occupying you too much when you exposed yourself towards new adventures and seek for life lessons, desperately running away from your problems. But darling, they are like shadows, they cling to you. Even when it’s pitch black, they are there. I know you’re stronger than I think you are. So you faced the […]


Moment of Truth

NOTICE: whoever reads this, no matter what, this is for you.



SHS Year One: A Summary

MONDAY The usual bored eyes and sarcastic smiles. Mondays never exist in my presence. I always thought that it’s a Tuesday. It’s like that new medicine prescription given to you. You refuse to have it, unbelieving you had such illness when you thought you’re normal. I have overcome the fear generally. I got used of […]


Thought Therapy

Note to self: Don’t let yourself get stuck on the idea s/he is the “one” when there are a lot of people out there who’re not assholes as you usually thought of. Out of a dozen sins a person commits per day, there’s this one good thought in him. There are still few things to […]