week: 26/52 year: 17

another compilation of thoughts of how much of an emotional wreck i am i i am so fucking upset i want to break something i feel like breaking my bones i feel like ripping my skin off i feel like i want to hit myself unconscious ii he compares me to a mistake he sees […]


from the past 3 years

woah. it felt like a damn long time ago. like, once upon a time I met a guy online. soon I figured out it is pathetic but still a journey to learn form. had series of heartache I admittedly coined, and then an aftermath of looking too much for oppression. then that day came, I realized I am all I have.
not “a happily ever after” but “i live continuously.”

week: 22/52 year: 17

one night i came home from province and went freakishly bi polar the second i finished half my pizza. so here it is, a compilation from that sunday night. i i don’t know i want to cry but then it gets tiring i stopped for a moment then it gets sad and then so i […]